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Nancy Hadi CEO and Managing Partner

About Nancy

Nancy has a rich career track record working both in the private and public sector throughout the United States, Middle East and the GCC regions. She has also worked for some of the top business leaders and for both diplomatic and international organizations.  During her time with GECF, she was responsible for organizing and managing a number of high level Ministerial and Executive Board meetings as well as assisting with the organization of the 3rd GECF Gas Summit involving Presidents, Prime Ministers and other world leaders from over 14 countries.

She also held high-level posts, during her time working in the GCC including serving as the Director of Communications and Outreach for one of the top organizations in the GCC.  She has researched, published and presented her research on issues related to the empowerment of women, social and economic development and the achievement of the UN MDGs, at several high-profile conferences including at the Sheikh Zayed University Women’s conference in Dubai, UAE in 2007.

She attended and successfully organized and managed a number of exhibitions, panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, conferences and charity events and was the visionary behind several high-profile charity dinners and auctions, helping reputable charity organizations raise funds for needy children effected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in several countries including Nepal.

Before co-founding IBIS with her partner, Nancy gained adequate experience working in Egypt for one of the top law firms as Director of Marketing.

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