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About Us

Why We are the best choice for You

IBIS is a limited liability company duly incorporated under law no 159 for the year 1981 and its headquarters is located in Cairo, Egypt, with a branch in the Sultanate of Oman.

IBIS provides a variety of services, in a smart, integrated fashion the fields of Business & Investment Services.

Our Brand Story

The Story of the IBIS Bird

Always flying high, moving forward & calling for progress through unity and cooperation.

“The IBIS bird, flying across borders, bringing with it the hope of cooperation and unity, has historically been a symbol of wisdom, bravery, knowledge and progress. Ancient Egyptians honored and revered this majestic bird as many had witnessed the IBIS in action protecting Egypt from danger. The Egyptians even created a deity, referred to as Thoth by the Greeks, bearing the head of the IBIS and was known as the symbol of wisdom, knowledge and writing. What makes the IBIS symbol so significant today is that it reminds us of Egypt’s glorious past, present and future as well as bringing the region together towards progress and prosperity.”

What We Do

Our business is to help you promote and expand and your business. We use our extensive business network and know-how to provide you with exceptional business development services. Our objective is to provide our clients with the services that will help them reach new and promising markets and to present their products and services to those markets in the most effective way.
We also utilize tools like PR, digital marketing and media relations to promote our clients’ products and services. We provide such services as event management and logistics services for trade missions. No event is too small or too large for us. We have experience organizing large fund raising events, business forums, panel discussions and trade missions.
Want to promote your business, products or services in current markets or are you looking to reach new markets? In both cases IBIS is there to help you reach your business goals. We help you develop and grow your business.

Business Concept

We believe in commitment to the highest quality standards and innovation that is driven from our differentiation strategy to achieve customer satisfaction. IBIS has successfully provided its consultancy services to both public and private institutions.

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be one of the top business development consultancy firms in the market, providing high quality consultancy services to our clients, based on our strong business ethics and policy of transparency.


Our mission is simple and that is to provide top quality customized services to our customers based on their individual needs.
IBIS specializes in all types of PR, event management and logistical support services, large or small.

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